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Ohio and Big Butter Jesus

This past weekend our fearless little band of misfits made their way to Ohio for two shows. Both at the Hollywood Casinos. One in Columbus and the other in Dayton. The shows went off without a hitch, But, not without Jon squaking like Peter Brady singing Sunshine Day..(thank you allergy season) and Glen getting into an arm wrestling match with the sound man.

We observed a nice lady who won a brand new car. She opted for the payout instead of the actual car. Smart move..that's a lot of taxes to pay.

And it's always a highlight to pass by the Big Butter Jesus..we prefer the pre inferno Jesus to the new one.

We had enthusiasctic crowds at both performances. They danced. They sang along. They offered us drinks that we couldn't accept. We even got to see and hang with our ol pal and sometime Stretta fill in Val Cardelli. Good times all around.

Coming up are a few Nahsville shows..then up to Kentucky to play the KY Downs Raceway.

Happy Summer everyone!