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Dispatches from Strettaland, Episode IV, "A NEW HOPE"
Hey Strettites,

This past weekend saw the band roll up to Cincinnati,
OH for the first of two glorious weekends at the
Argosy Casino.  We were without the services of Ray
Balz for this show (Ok, go ahead, make all the
"Stretta's got no Balz" jokes that you want).  Raymond
was in Atlantic City, NJ, attending the 54th Annual
Deep Fryers Convention.  We had a special guest star,
Spoons, from the infamous Trailer Park Troubadours on
drums for this 

Upon arrival, it was learned that Debra, our singer,
didn't have the proper identification and was denied
access.  This was quite a predicament as Jon, our
other singer, was also absent (he sustained multiple
head wounds at our last performance and was out on
medical leave).  The situation was turning grim for
our heroes so phone calls were placed, favors cashed
in, alliances were created, and back room deals went
down.  With literally minutes to go, Debra was granted
clearance and the show was on!

And what a show it was!  The place was rockin', the
crowd was out of control.  The highlight of the
evening came when a lady in a wheelchair stood up and
started dancing (this actually happened). 
Extraordinary!  Awe-inspiring! 

It was another Stretta Miracle...