Date: 19/08/2018
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Dispatches from Strettaland, vol. 176
Hey Strettites!

It was yet another weekend of debauchery, hedonism,
and fried foods for the Stretta gang.  Friday night
found our heroes playing the Bunganut Pig in
Murfreesboro, TN.  The highlight of the evening was
probably the drunken, young lady who fell over the
monitor and lay spread-eagle on the stage floor.  It
was especially appreciated by longtime Strettite
Lowell and newcomer Jason.  The evening was capped off
by a rousing, impromptu version of  "Love Shack" that
was requested by a bacchanalian bachelorette party
that had entered the building. 
On Saturday, the team took to the road and trekked to
the teaming megapolis of Owensboro, KY to play the
infamous Executive Inn.  Ahh, the Executive Inn, the
state of the art in 1958 hotel architecture.  It was a
good room, kinda groovy.  Things started roughly as we
were plagued by equipment failure and the amazing,
vanishing soundman.  Fortunately, to our aid came our
newest, favorite superheroine - Cakegirl!!!  She
provided the band with what it needed most - lots of
sugar-laden desserts.  Disaster was averted, lives
were saved.

Until next time my friends, remember the immortal
words of Raymond Balz- "If you can fry it, you can eat